Wilton Heart Cookie Pan

6 Cavity Non-Stick Heart Cookie Pan
Valentine’s Day is just and excuse to do lots of heart-shaped baking, but sometimes it’s nice to have the excuse because there are some great heart-shaped baking pieces out there to play with. One of them is Wilton’s Heart Cookie Pan. This nonstick pan has six shallow indentations for easily baking shaped cookies – no rolling or cookie cutters required. The designs look a lot like conversation hearts, and messages including “Be Mine,” “Love” and “XOXO” print out right on the cookies with almost no effort on the part of the baker. To use this pan, you really just need to press your cookie dough into the cavities and bake. A sugar cookie or butter dough is going to give you the best results in terms of how clearly you can see the designs, but can really try this with any type of cookie dough. Once cooled, the cookies can easily be decorated using the designs on the pan as guides, allowing you to turn out professional looking Valentine’s Day cookies much more quickly and easily than your Valentine can imagine.


  1. Very nice and I will be checking it out!

  2. So cute! I love anything that gives baking a little bit of your own personality. This baking set is my dream:


  3. There is also another heart pan here:


    I used the pan to make individual brownies.

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