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World Series Baking Gear

stadiumbundtThe Philadelphia Phillies are ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays 3-to-1 so far in the World Series, with game five scheduled for later tonight. The Rays might make a comeback and hang in for at least another game. The Phillies might knock one – or more – out of the park and end up taking the pennant home. No matter who you want to win, there is no way to celebrate the game like with a hot dog, a cold beer and a big slice of baseball-themed cake.

One great choice for a World Series party is a stadium-shaped cake. It’s impressive, requires no additional decoration on top of the shape of the bundt pan, and can show support for both teams at once. A sports ball cake pan, with its unique spherical design, can easily be decorated into a big baseball in honor of a (hopefully) winning pitch. Mini ball cakes might be a better option if you prefer your baseballs to be cupcake-sized. And for a really subtle touch, look for baseball-themed cupcake wrappers at a local craft store and bake up a batch of your favorite cupcakes.

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