Collapsible Pie Carrier

collapsible pie carrier
Cake and cupcake carriers are staples for home bakers. Not only do they make it easy to transport your goodies from place to place without disturbing all of that frosting, but they provide a convenient, airtight environment to store them in and keep them fresh. Cook’s Country magazine rated cake carriers recently and decided that the Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier was their top pick, as was easy to use, easy to store and help up to 24 cupcakes, in addition to 1 large layer cake.

Progressive International isn’t limiting itself to cake carriers, however, and the Collapsible Pie Carrier is proof of that. This carrier has the same design as the cake carrier – with silicone insets in the lid that allow the container to collapse fairly flat for storage – and it can hold two pies inside, thanks to a removable tray that creates more holding space inside. If you have a larger pie, or a meringue-topped pie, the tray creating the second tier is removable, so your meringue won’t need to squish into a small space. The tray is also double sided and will hold things like deviled eggs or other appetizers if you’re taking something savory to a party with you.

Overall, the pie carrier is a great idea and it’s nice to know that, because it is collapsible, you’ll probably be able to make room for it in the kitchen. It keeps pies much more secure than other pie-storage options (usually covering with plastic wrap and simply carrying the pie, hoping not to disturb it too much), is easy to transport and is large enough to store other foods, so you’ll get use out of it even when you’re not baking pies.


  1. Seems very useful! I like that it is collapsible.

  2. I had a Progressive collapsible salad spinner. It was an unfortunate design that rubbed away the cord that did the spinning. When I wrote to them to tell them that their product had failed in its basic function I got not so much as a reply.

    However attractive a product may be, if the company won’t stand behind it and disregards their customers, I think you have to think twice about supporting them.

  3. do you know if this carrier will fit a stoneware deep dish pie plate? that’s my mom’s pan of preference (from pampered chef), and she’d love this carrier if it’d fit her pie plate.

  4. Do any stores carry this? Would love to look at it and be able to hold it.

  5. K-Mart does! :)

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