Cupcake Keys


I have a set of Cookeys, Oreo cookie-shaped plastic key covers. They’re cute, food-related and certainly make my keys easy to spot. I’ve noticed that more and more key covers are coming out, both food related and not. I’ve seen donuts and robots, but this set of Cupcake Key Covers jumped out at me as being just about as cute as my sandwich cookie set. The set comes with six key caps, each of which is a cupcake with a different color scheme and expression to it. The fact that there are six covers in the set is nice if you have a lot of keys that you want to cover, but it also makes identifying a particular key that several people share (say, the key to a shared storage space or house key) very easy. This makes a great stocking stuffer for the holidays and is a great little gift for a cupcake lover in general – or if you just want to spoil yourself with some cute cupcake gear!


  1. those key covers are some of the cutest i’ve ever seen! i love cupcakes, so i’d be overjoyed to find these in my stocking :)

  2. WANT!
    too cute, where can i get them?

  3. I have these!! They’re kinda hard to put onto key rings, but I love them anyway. I love trying to tell people which key is the right one.

  4. I saw some like those at Forever 21!

  5. Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love these. I o want these in my stocking this year. I am going to have to include this on my Christmas list. I’m not sure I can wait a whole month for them though. LOL

  6. I got these for everyone I work with at my bakery to put on their keys to the shop! I took the moustache cupcake, he’s clearly the cutest one :D

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