What is a bench scraper?

Bench Scraper
A bench scraper is one of my favorite tools to have around the kitchen. It’s not something that will steal the spotlight from a shiny stand mixer, but it is something that comes in handy a lot when you work with breads and pastries. A bench scraper a rectangular tool that is used to scrape work surfaces clean in the kitchen. Although there are plastic ones, most have a metal blade that can slide easily under a sticky dough or a pile of flour. The definitely make cleaning up easier, but they also make handling a sticky dough – whether you’re trying to knead some extra flour into a loose yeast dough and can’t quite turn it with your hands alone, or whether you’re trying to roll out a soft dough for cut-out cookies – as easy as pie. If you’ve ever struggled with something sticking to your work surface and trying to pry it up with a knife or spatula, you’ll definitely appreciate how easy it can be with a bench scraper.

I primarily use my bench scraper for kneading bread doughs and moving pie crusts around, but because it has a relatively thin blade to it, it is also great for portioning out doughs – a quick press and you have turned a big batch of dough into a bunch of dinner rolls with no hassle – or trimming edges off of pastry.


  1. They’re also good for smoothing frosting out on the sides of cakes!

  2. this would definitely come in handy when baking! i want one ! :)

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