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Wilton Cookie Bowl Pan

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Ice Cream Cookie Bowl Pan

An ice cream sundae or banana split is going to be delicious no matter what type of bowl it is served in, but assembling and serving it in an edible bowl that adds another layer of flavor to the dessert is going to trump even a fancy ice cream dish. All kinds of cookies make great bases for ice cream sundaes because they allow you to combine an ice cream sandwich and a sundae in one dessert. Wilton has actually designed a Cookie Bowl Pan that will have you making edible bowls in no time.

The nonstick pan features fluted cups, and rather than press the dough inside the cup, you roll it out and drape it over the convex side of each one. The cookies bake in the shape of the cup  and end up with a generous cavity to fill with ice cream. The pan, like other Wilton offerings, comes with recipes that work well with the pan and result in sturdy bowls and dough that doesn’t spread too much. To use your own recipes, choose a cookie dough that is good for making rolled cookies (such as a butter cookie or gingerbread dough, which you can add chocolate chips and other add-ins to), so that your bowl will maintain its shape.If you flip the pan over, you can fill the cavities with cake, muffin and brownie batters for cute mini bundts when you’re not making cookie bowls.

I like the fluted cups enough that this pan has a welcome spot in my collection. That said, you can use a regular muffin pan to try your hand at making cookie bowls yourself. Many pans, however, will not be nonstick on their underside, so you’ll need to grease your pan or use an upside down paper liner to help the bowls not to stick. And if your pans are older and may have some discolored (or rusty) spots on the bottom where the seams of the pan come together, yo may want to use a different pan for this project.

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  • Kenni
    October 4, 2011

    This is the coolest thing ever!

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