‘Til lunch do us part

Dearly Beloved sandwiches

A common taunt around the school yard is “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” This can be applied to kids with puppy love crushes on class mates, as well as to kids who unthinkingly declare their love for cookies, sandwiches and other lunch items. For once, a group of people took up the challenge presented by this taunt. In Las Vegas, over 200 fans of the best selling Bobby sandwich from Capriotti’s, a Deleware-based (but nationally franchised) sandwich shop, pledged their love to the sandwiches and married them. The Bobby sandwiches feature freshly roasted, shredded turkey piled on a roll with cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo. The mass wedding featured sandwiches dressed up in miniature tuxedos and miniature veils and sent down the aisle with smitten sandwich-lovers.

I doubt that the marriages, which took place in the Little White Wedding Chapel, lasted long, but I’m sure that the honeymoons went very well and left everyone satisfied.


  1. I’ve had that sandwich, and it is truly marriage-worthy!

  2. I would never marry a sandwich, but I’d definitely consider a proposal from a cookie.

  3. thats so funny! i am in las vegas for a month (home to my family after being away at college) and just had capriotti’s deliver that very sandwich to me.

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