Peach Pitter and Slicer

Peach Pitter

Getting the pit out of a fresh peach or other stone fruit can be a pain in the butt. While they sometimes pop out when you split the fruit in half, those pits stick in there like glue more often than not – leaving you with some rather creatively shaped slices as you try to get around them. I wouldn’t have thought there was an easy way to get that pit out and leave the fruit nicely sliced, but I recently saw a demo of this great Peach Pitter. It looks like apple slicer/corers that I’ve seen but has a center hole that is oblong, shaped more or less like a peach pit. Center it over your fruit, positioning the longer ends of the center hole along the seam of the fruit and press down: neat peach slices – sans pit – in seconds. This is handy for slicing fruit for snacks and is a real time saver when you’re planning to put that fruit into a pie or tart. The pitter will handle fruit up to the size of a large peach and can also be used with plums, nectarines and other stubborn stone fruits.


  1. I admit it looks handy, but I see this working best on cooked peaches and not raw. I would also be afraid I would shave off some of the pit with the slices, giving someone a crunchy surprise.

  2. Wow I love the look of that. I have the apple one which makes it super easy for cutting apples/pears for the kids with no wastage as it gets right to the core. I bet we won’t get these in Australia though

  3. I dont know, that this is available for peach. I only know it for apples from ikea or tupperware =)

  4. I bought one and it is great. However, I tried it on a nectarine that turned out to be overripe and it smushed it down without piercing the skin. But, it’s been working great on peaches.

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