Buttercup Cakelet Pan

Buttercup Cakelet Pan

If you like flowers, you cannot beat this Buttercup Cakelet Pan for cuteness. The hard-annodized aluminum pan is made by Nordicware, is very durable, and also has a nice nonstick finish to make it easy to slide out the flower-shaped cakes. You can easily dress them up with a little icing, but these look great on their own or with a simple dusting of confectioners’ sugar.

No matter how you decorate them, a “bouquet” of these arranged on a platter would make a fantastic presentation for a spring or summer dessert. One easy way to dress them up would be to start with a vanilla or white cake recipe (a favorite cupcake recipe) and adding some lightly colored food coloring to it, then marbeling pink, yellow, purple and white batters into the cups for cakes that definitely need no further embellishment.


  1. i have this and totally regret it — this pan is IMPOSSIBLE to clean! the deepest part of the pan (the tops of the petals) seem to shrink away from my scrubber.

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