Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier

Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier, open

As much as I love my cupcake carrier, there is one thing about it that I don’t like. It is very large and it takes up a lot of storage space when I’m not using it. This is true of all of my cake carriers, too, but because the cupcake carrier has more than one rack inside for stacking cupcakes, it’s not easy to stack other, smaller, storage containers inside of it. There is no need to try and stack smaller containers inside this Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier, however, because the whole carrier folds down to a very compact size when it is not in use. It takes up about half as much storage space as a more traditional cupcake carrier, so it can fit on the shelf alongside your other containers, pans and baking accessories. The silicone sides of the carrier are sturdy and will not accendentially collapse on their own, but must be pushed firmly into place to fold. The racks inside the carrier will hold up to 24 cupcakes securely.

Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier, closed


  1. I got this for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

  2. Thanks wicked awesome! The bulky/space taking up-ness is why I haven’t purchased other cupcake carriers.. Think I’ll buy 5 :)

  3. I just bought one before I moved before the holidays. It’s here somewhere in the middle of all the boxes! I haven’t even seen it yet because I left it boxed to move! ARRGGHH!! Hope to find it one of these days. You mentioned all the things I love about it as well as the ability to carry cupcakes well. I’ve been trying to find one that was easy to carry but held a good number of cupcakes. One of these days I’ll find it and get to try it out!!

  4. I got this for christmas too and I love it! I also take the cupcake trays out and use them just like a regualr cupcake stand. :)

  5. this product is very useful.
    Above all by transport cake or muffins at the car.
    and that is possible to rise the rank is the top!
    thx for the tip! where did you buy it?!
    greets hannah

  6. everyone I know who got one of these loved it at first until it broke. Apparently, it is not that well made, so be aware when you can carrying your cakes or cupcakes.

  7. I’m with Linda on this one – watch the handle, it can snap when fully loaded. I know, I’m on my second one!

  8. Where do I get the 24 collapsible cupcake carrier shown above????? Who makes it???

  9. Hi guys, just wanted to ask you if you have found your baked goods have dried out at all? When I bought this recently I was told it is air tight, but I have found even when the handle collapses, there are quite sizable holes around the handle

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