What was in your Christmas stocking?

Christmas 2009

I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday weekend with friends and family. I know that I did! And I certainly got lucky in the gift department this year. I received several outstanding cookbooks, fancy stackable sanding sugars from Williams Sonoma and a couple of antique pieces of pastry-making equipment – a pastry cutter and a moon cake/pastry mold – that a relatively thoughtfully picked up for me on a trip to Southeast Asia earlier this year. There were a fair number of chocolate bars in my stocking, and of course it was also wonderful to spend some quality time with my family.

If I absolutely had to choose, my favorite thing would have to be my new Shun Chef’s knife. I can’t say no to a good knife and, in addition to being a fantastic instrument, it looks gorgeous. Now, I just need to put a knife block on my wish list for next year!

Since we’re sharing, what did everyone else get for Christmas? Books, baking equipment, homemade goodies? I certainly hope that a copy of The Baking Bites Cookbook made it under a few trees, too!

New Shun Knife


  1. Let me think.. that’s awful, I know- it was just a few days ago. I got a King Arthur cookbook, rolling pin, pastry mat, and lots of goodies to make and decorate cupcakes!

  2. I got some silicone baking pans, a garlic twister (one of the best things ever invented), a spice grinder that I can use to grind my own mixes, a one of those cake pans with a variety of mini-cake shapes, and some dark and white chocolate jimmies from King Arthur Flour. Santa loves me! This is a great blog… I subscribe with great happiness. Happy New Year to all! Oh, yes, I have lust for that Shun knife. Isn’t that a gorgeous thing?!

  3. Everything I got was food related: ice cream maker, ice cream cook book, mini donut pan, blender, cookie cutters, cookie plates, vegan cookies cookbook and a Jessie Steele! apron.

  4. I got a new five burner convection oven range. I am so excited. It is being delivered next week.

  5. I got a Kitchenaid Mixer!

  6. Nice Haul! You know, Crate & Barrel sells a basic knife block for (I think) only $40. Comes with a pair of scissors and a knife-sharpening stick.

    Foodie-related stuff I got from Santa:
    -Two cookbooks specifically for chocolate desserts
    -Those rubber squares that help you open jars
    -Two new graters
    -A new salt and pepper shaker set
    -And some of my mom’s home made marzipan! Yummm.

  7. I Got measuring cups for hannukah! There were from william-sonoma…the kind that pops in and out! I love them, so fancy hehe.


  8. Lucky you. I got a warm pair of socks and a bar of chocolate. I’m not being facetious either.

  9. ooh you’ll have to update on what u think of that artisan baking book. i love the shun knife too!

    i got the julia child cookbook, “the new best of better baking.com” cookbook, a whole bunch of new spatulas and spreaders, the julie & julia DVD!!!

  10. i got measuring spoons, a set of wooden spoons, a cookie scoop, cookie cutters, a pot rack, a bread tube pan, and a Sur la Table gift card.

  11. I must not have been good this year because I got nothing cooking related!!! :-(

  12. I received a handmade mixing bowl made by my grandson Jack that is spoonge painted in our favorite colors. It is also autographed by the maker.

  13. What books did you get? Specifically what is that book on the bottom that we can only see part of?

  14. 10 different colors of sprinkles, plus snowflake sprinkles. Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract. Autocrat coffee syrup. Maple candy. “500 Cookies: The only cookie compendium you’ll ever need,” by Philippa Vanstone.

  15. My stocking held Tupperware (Midgees containers and miniature salt and pepper shakers) and an orange. I also got Lodge cast iron cookware – a dutch oven and a skillet.

  16. And I got two cookbooks – Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 1 by Julia Child, and a fundraiser cookbook from my sister’s school. And a big box of dark chocolate candies.

  17. I received a set of biscuit cutters (my first! – I’ve been using an espresso cup) and I bought myself The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. I’d like to also treat myself to a stainless steel electric kettle. Any recommendations? Happy New Year!

  18. I’d like to get my hand on your stocking! :-)

  19. let´s see… basically all of my presents this year were baking related:
    cookie cutters
    williams sonoma pie and tart book
    500 cupcakes (book)
    journal with cupcakes on the cover
    baking pan that cuts for you (it has a grid you put in)
    tickets to a cake decorating demo and competition!!!!

  20. I got a cookbook I’ve checked out of the library a dozen times: the best international recipe. It was such a surprise because hubby and I usually don’t exchange gifts. Also got a new, huge cutting board!!

  21. I’ve been stopping by your blog for the past month and thought I’d add my fun gifts too. But before that, I wanted to let you know that I will be trying some of your cookie recipes in the very near future. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

    Also, it is definitely very fun to receive culinary items. I got three cookbooks (Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, Martha Stewart Cooking School & Barefoot Contessa one), tongs, wooden spoons, food scale & two different measuring cup devices.

  22. what was baking related:
    A heat resistant spoon and cookie spatula, super cute :)
    a mini grater! very nice for my (college) apartment.
    and a HungryGirl cookbook
    good year :)

  23. I got the Baking Bites Cookbook!! It’s wonderful and I can’t wait to try out the recipes. I asked the wife for it but wasn’t sure I’d get it! Your blog was the first baking blog I became a fan of and I’ve never had one of your recipes fail so I’m happy to have an actual book to refer to rather than hunting online.

    I also got lots of baking goodies, several baking books, spatulas, cookie cutters, cupcake themed notebooks & pyjamas. Was a great haul and cannot wait to get stuck into everything!

  24. I got Peter Rhinehearts Artisan Bread book too! And my stocking was full of chocolate bars!

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