Star of David Cupcake Pan

Star of David Cupcake Pan

The Star of David is an easily recognized symbol of Judaism, so what better way to present a dessert at a Hanukkah party than with a cake baked in the shape of that six-pointed star? A silicone Star of David Cupcake Pan bakes six small cakes, each the size of a large cupcake, in the shape of the Star of David. The details of the star are imprinted in the base of the cake and you’ll see the design if you invert the cakes to serve them. Fortunately, the silicone allows you to turn these cakes out very easily and you don’t need to worry about the points sticking to the pan. The pan is also freezer safe and can be used for Jello molds and ice cream/sorbet molds if you don’t want to bake. You can even bake big star-shaped ice cubes and pop them into a bow of punch.A Star of David Bundt Cake Pan can also turn any of your favorite bundt cake recipes into a treat perfect for a Hanukkah potluck. The Nordicware pan has great detail, is made of heavy gauge aluminum and has a nonstick interior, although I would definitely grease and flour the pan to ensure that all the ridges of the star pattern come out cleanly.

Star of David Bundt Cake Pan


  1. I found a Star of David Cake Pan at Thought I would share the info.

  2. I didn’t scroll far enough :-) That is the pan…and another resource.

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