How to make spiced apple cider

Spiced Apple Cider

Apple cider is a type of unfiltered apple juice made from pressing ripe apples to remove the liquid from them. It looks quite different from regular apple juice, which is filtered and is completely clear, because it is cloudy as a result of having apple particles still suspended in it. Many fans of cider will tell you that it has more flavor to it than regular apple juice does. It can be served chilled, but one of the most popular – and most delicious – things to do with a batch of apple cider is to spice it and serve it heated. It’s great for warming you up on a cold day when served this way.

Spiced cider. also known as mulled cider, can be made in a number of different ways with a number of different spices. To make spiced apple cider, add some cider to a medium or large saucepan (depending on how much or how little cider you want to make) and add in some whole spices to it. Use cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, star anise and a bit of nutmeg. I actually don’t use very much nutmeg, so I’ll generally add in a sprinkle of ground nutmeg. Bring the cider to a boil, the remove from heat and let the cider steep with the spices in it for 15 minutes or so. Strain out the spices and reheat before serving.

If you don’t have whole spices, you can use small amounts of ground spices, but you should keep in mind that you won’t be able to strain them out easily and they’ll probably just sit at the bottom of the glass when you go to serve the cider.


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  2. the mail came today & with it….the baking bites cookbook!!!
    first up…zebra cheesecake brownies followed by white chocolate brownies…so excited…the recipes look wonderful & cannot wait to have some quiet time to really digest & inhale your words!!!

  3. Mmmmm…. spiced cider.

    For those who have only ground spices, a coffee filter and a staple is all it takes to make a little spice bag to steep in the cider. Just roll the filter several times before stapling so that the spices don’t leak into the cider.

  4. Apple cider vinegar has many health properties, I heard. Among which it restores the acid/alkaline balance in the body.


  6. I have taken quite a liking to steeping a chai tea bag in a mug of very hot cider for about 5 minutes….It’s sublime and very fast, convenient and portable!

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