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  • Turnovers are little pies that are made without all the fuss of a crust – especially when they use ready-made puff pastry dough. Pro Bono Baker‘s Apple, Honey and Thyme Turnovers start with a cooked apple filling that is placed in puff pastry pockets and baked. The filling is a little bit more unusual than a standard apple pie filling, as they tend to include cinnamon more often than thyme, but it is a good one all the same. Pro Bono Baker includes a great tip, too, noting that the filling can be spooned over ice cream if you don’t want to wait for the turnovers.
  • Recipe Girl is getting into the season with some of the best flavors of fall in a batch of Apple Muffins with Maple Glaze. The muffins are light in texture, thanks to the inclusion of some quick cooking oatmeal, and have both maple syrup and fresh apple chunks in them. Each one is topped off with a pecan half, for a little color and a little crunch, and a quick and easy glaze made with maple syrup.
  • The Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies that Eat Me Delicious baked are very dark, loaded with chocolate and sweetened with a handful of dried cherries. It’s an overall great flavor combination, but the thing that really stands out about these cookies is their size: they’re huge. The cookies are a slice and bake recipe, and cookies of this type tend to be thin. These are sliced into 1-inch thick chunks before baking, so you end up with a big, soft, satisfying cookie.
  • I believe it when Farmgirl Fare says that her Baby Shortbread Bites with Mini Chocolate Chips and Toffee Bits are a great recipe. The cookies, which are described as being somewhere between a shortbread and a butter cookie, are loaded with flavorful bits of chocolate and toffee. While the cookies could be made in any size, this recipe keeps them small. They’re cute and perfect for munching with a glass of milk. If you’re looking for recipes that will ship and store well for the holidays, Susan says that these taste even better they day after they are baked and ship beautifully.
  • Another apple recipe comes in the form of the Toffee Apple Crisp at Maple n’ Cornbread. This is a fairly straightforward crisp recipe that has a lovely topping of oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg blended with butter – along with an unexpected handful of toffee bits. Toffee always goes well with apples, and adds its own buttery sweetness to the crisp topping.


  1. I made the Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies not long ago and they are HUGE and good. I can’t wait to make the shortbread bites.

  2. Thanks, glad they caught your eye!

  3. Thanks! Some great choices there. I absolutely love cooking in the fall season :)

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