3D Turkey Cake Pan

3D Turkey Cake Pan

Nothing can quite take the place of a full sized roast turkey at the center of the Thanksgiving table, but I’ll give a close second to Nordicware’s 3D Turkey Cake Pan, which produces a beautiful turkey cake that stands almost as high as a real turkey will. The cake is baked in two halves, and when each half has cooled, they can be stood up side-by-side to give the look of a whole bird. The cake is designed with a large round base (made of cake – half under each side of the bird) to give the finished cake enough stability to stand on its own, though you will want to use a bit of frosting to stick the halves together firmly. The pan is very detailed, so you don’t need to frost the cake, although a bit of colored glaze to highlight its eyes, beak and some feathers would be a nice touch.

Alternatively, you could always take a regular sheet cake and do a little creative carving to make your own turkey cake. It won’t have the same table presence as a higher-rising cake, but it sure will be cute!


  1. Did you get this pan? I’ve looked at it before and can’t decide. On the one hand, it’s really cute. On the other hand, there’s not a lot of decorating to be done so it wouldn’t be as fun as making my own cake up. You know what I mean? It really is a cute pan…..

  2. did you frost that turkey cake yourself? that is exquisite work and i wouldn’t even know where to begin with it!

  3. I never would have thought to bake a 3D cake in the shape of a turkey. Now that I see it, I could see that as a fun addition to a holiday feast.

  4. Martha Stewart profiled this pan on Friday’s show. She used them as molds for cornbread. They looked beautiful when she turned the out onto a platter. Nice to know there’s another use for them.

  5. Thanks for sharing the cornbread idea from MS. I do have this pan and wants new idea’s. You can also make a giant chocolate turkey for a great centerpiece.

  6. Love the details on your turkey cake I’ll surely try to do something like that in the future.

  7. My family is vegetarian and I make a nut loaf in this pan.

  8. Where can the turkey pan be purchased that Martha Stewart baked the cornbread. the brunette baker referred to it Nov 15th. The brand would also help and the store that sells it.


  9. Can you please show me how to decorate this cake I have the exact same pan.

  10. I am looking for the recipe for the cranberry mold.I would love to make it for Thanksgiving:)It really looks beutiful in the picture.

  11. How did you get this to turn out so beautifully and evenly browned? Especially how did you keep the head from burning? I made the pumpkin cake recipe that came with the pan and the head was crispy by the time the rest of the cake was done. Baking tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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