Decorative cupcake wrappers?

purely decorativeIt’s easy to compulsively buy cute cupcake and muffin papers when you see them in the baking aisle. You go through a package with every batch or two of cupcakes you bake, so you’re never really overloaded with them, and the seasonal ones make baked goods look oh-so-festive. I use them about three-quarters of the time, as while they make the cupcakes easy to handle, sometimes I just want a different look and want to go without.

Over the last few months, some really fancy cupcake wrappers have been catching my eye. With thick fancy papers, laser-cut designs on the tops and an overall impressive feel, they definitely deliver a “different look.” Unfortunately, that’s all they deliver. The wrappers are purely decorative and you can’t bake in them. Pretty as they are, I just can’t see the point. The cupcakes must be baked with or without additional wrappers and transferred to these cups. The eaters must struggle to get them out – as I’m sure most would try before ripping apart the paper -before getting a single bite. As a food blogger, I can see how having them for photo ops would be quite nice, but when it comes to practicality, I’m going to simply keep on looking for regular cupcake wrappers that appeal to me.


  1. Oh, I totally agree! Not to mention the price of a package of ten!

  2. I think they would be cute for a wedding or fancy birthday but that is about it.

  3. Tooexpensive for everyday but a nice effect for a special day.

  4. yr blog really inspire baking ideas ..Interesting and tempt to make it immediately..,

  5. The wrappers become the main focal point and take away from the cupcake. I want people to look at my cupcakes (that sounds dirty lol), Not the wrapping!

  6. You can’t bake in them?!? I don’t see the point then either. They do look cool though.

  7. I agree that these “wrappers” don’t make sense, but having said that, thanks (or maybe CURSES) for turning me on to that site. I just ordered an obscene amount of their other cupcake liners — the kind you do bake them in — they have some really cute ones!

  8. What a waste that we can’t bake in them, it is very chic and perfect for events. Perhaps only for birthday parties if you really want to impress guests, and remove the wrappers for them. I’m sure you could somehow make it easier to remove the cake…

  9. My wife tried these….not nearly as ornate, but a lot more practical:

  10. I’m afraid I have to totally disagree! My friend baked brownies in cupcake liners and then wrapped them in these beautiful wrappers. They were absolutely magical and everyone oohed and aahed over them. The wrappers weren’t hard to get off at all — there is just a single tab that slips in and out quite easily. They are gorgeous and can easily be re-used as no part of the wrapper actually touches the food itself. No one tore the wrappers getting them off, so now I have a dozen darling wrappers to use the next time I bake cupcakes! Most people have not seen these yet so they really make a special statement.

  11. Does anyone know how to make these? If so can you share with me? I’m getting married in May and are having a cupcake tower as my wedding cake. I would love to make liners to suit my wedding. Can anyone help? PLEASE??????

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