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Mjölkchoklad, reviewed


The imported foods section of Ikea is always fun to browse through. Lingonberry, herring (ok, not my favorite, but still interesting) and princess cake. There is also a ton of chocolate, including one of my favorite imported candies, Daim. Most of the chocolates are Marabou brand, but on my most recent trip I noticed that Ikea had a home brand of chocolate. As much as I love the taste of Marabou (delicious milk chocolate), I couldn’t resist branching out to try Ikea Food’s Mjölkchoklad.

The 100g bar is a beautiful plain wrapper and is on the inexpensive side. The chocolate is a relatively light color and, at 30% cacao content, has an appealingly milky taste and smell. It is creamy, sweet and really satisfying if you’re in the mood for milk chocolate. Perhaps my favorite thing about the bar is the nutritional information: the back panel lists the calories and far content of the whole bar. Few chocolate bars do this and I love the fact that they consider the whole bar to be one serving (even if you break it into pieces and don’t actually eat it all in one day).

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  • Suganya
    January 17, 2008

    I am not a big fan of milk chocolates. But I come back from Ikea with this chocolate every single time.

  • melissa
    January 18, 2008

    ooh I love Daim (or Dime) bars, but for me, they’re just a stand-in for when I get a hankering for Hershey’s Skor bars because they’re nearly the same thing, but you can’t get Skor outside the US. I had no idea Ikea stocked Daim, though – I just pick mine up at any corner shop here in London…

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