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Trader Joe’s Butter-Flavored Cooking Spray, reviewed

Trader Joe's Butter-Flavored Cooking Spray, reviewed
Cooking spray is a wonderful thing to have on hand in the kitchen. The pressurized sprays coat skillets and baking sheets evenly in just a few seconds, giving you a nonstick surface and ensuring that you don’t need to worry about part of your cake sticking into the corners of the pans. I particularly like cooking sprays for coating pans with complex designs, such as bundt pans. I tend to stick with canola oil sprays or other unflavored sprays, such as PAM, because I don’t always to taste the flavor of the spray in my finished dessert. I typically only use a flavored spray – such as olive oil – when I’m making something more savory.

Trader Joe’s recently introduced a Butter-Flavored Cooking Spray to their lineup of cooking oils and I decided to give it a test drive. The bottle specifically recommended trying the spray on popcorn, which I found to be a very unusual recommendation for cooking spray, as they are typically used only in cooked applications. I tried it a few different ways, including on baking pans and on popcorn. The spray had a strong movie theater butter flavor to it as soon as it came out of the container. The mist was fine and even, giving my pans a great coat in just one spray. Unfortunately, that butter flavor stuck to my chocolate cake like glue and gave it a bit of an off-note for me (my tasters weren’t as bothered by it as I was). It made a delicious addition to scrambled eggs, however, and was excellent on popcorn, though the spray took the crisp edge off of some of the kernels (as does regular melted butter).

This one gets a thumbs up in terms of effectiveness, but be careful what you use it for. It might not be the best choice for all of your baking needs, though with very buttery cakes and shortbreads, you might be able to get away with it even in a dessert.

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