Hershey’s Fresh from the Factory

hersheysfff.JPGYou haven’t lived until you’ve had candy fresh off of the production line. Or at least, Hershey’s doesn’t think so. The chocolate company is offering select products Fresh from the Factory, delivered to your door within 96 hours (excluding some parts of the southwest) of production, to “allow you to experience extreme freshness which you will see, smell and taste!”.

They are offering a few different products with staggered release dates. First up are the fresh Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which will ship at the end of this month. You can read some reviews of them here and here. A few weeks later (6/18), Hershey’s will ship fresh strawberry and licorice Twizzlers, as well as Good N’ Plenty. In August, fresh PayDay’s will be available.

These candies aren’t cheap (Cybele said she could buy the equivalent number of Reese’s for $6 in a regular store), but if you’re a fan the novelty of the experience – as well as the flavor, if the reviews are to be believed – might be worth it.


  1. What’s the point of fresh Twizzlers? Twizzlers are best when they’re stale!

  2. Yeah, I don’t get the point of fresh Twizzlers. Why not start with fresh milk chocolate bars….or Rolos? But I admire Hershey’s for doing this. There’s definitely a taste difference between fresh chocolate and stuff that’s been on the shelf for a while.

  3. Frest Twizzlers are amazing! So soft they are limp and a more intense strawberry flavor.

  4. lol I live an hour away from hershey, pa. You can take a tour of the factory, and sometimes you can taste test new candies they are creating!

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