New adventures…

Isn’t this sunrise gorgeous? I took it at the SF Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. *sniff* The last time I’ll be there for a while, I imagine as I am moving to Los Angeles this week!

Negatives: No more bay area foodie eats.
Positives: Discovery of LA foodie eats.
Ultra Positive? Goodbye dinner at The French Laundry tomorrow night!

I cannot wait.
But I will because it’s inappropriate to stake out a restaurant the night before your reservation.

Update: Read about my dinner at the French Laundry!


  1. i beleive (based on ur web page name :P) that u were my secret cookbook santa! thank you! i love love love my new nigella cookbook and have already made some delicious rocky road drops from them!

    also saw ur blog and noticed u r moving to los angeles! congrats! i live here too! we have some GREAT food! if u need any food recommendations let me know! which part of la are u moving to?

    well thanks again and feel free to contact me if u need any LA help!

    stephanie (

  2. Hi Nicole!

    I think I may have been secret Santa for you–hope the book arrived in good shape and was something you wanted! It’s funny that you’re moving from SF to LA; I just made almost the same move in August, from Berkeley to LA (West Hollywood).

    Enjoy your holidays!


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