The Baking Bites Cookbook

The Baking Bites Cookbook

The Baking Bites Cookbook was first released in 2009 with more than 50 recipes. Only a handful of those recipes were ever featured on the site – which meant that cookbook readers got almost 4 months’ worth of tempting new recipes to try!  The cookbook is styled after some of my favorite single-subject cookbooks, with full-page, full-color photos of every recipe. It uses a large font, making it easy to read and follow – no need to squint at the pages or bend down close to the counter to figure out the next step in the recipe as you work.

The emphasis of the book is on recipes that not too fussy and easy enough to make everyday, but are still full of flavor. You know, like most of the recipes that I post on here! These are the kinds of recipes that are staples to me – and hopefully a few will become staples in your kitchen, too. You can read two sample recipes that I shared with blogging friends here:

The book has now been revised and updated with a few new recipes for a second edition – and this time it’s digital! The e-book is a Kindle book, which can be found on Amazon and read on any Kindle or other tablet running a Kindle app. It is not currently available in other digital formats. Download The Baking Bites Cookbook E-Book today for just $6.99!

Baking Bites Kindle Cover

If you’re like me and still have a soft spot for “old fashioned” books, you will be glad to know that beautiful paperback copies of the first edition of the cookbook are still available! These copies don’t have the new additional recipes that are in the Kindle edition, but they make fantastic gifts and I will sign each and every copy that goes out to give it that personal touch. The list price for the paperback book is $19.95, but if you order it directly from me, it’s only $16.95, including free US priority shipping. International shipping is available, although there is a slightly higher price for overseas shipments and you might want to stick with the Kindle edition as a result. Limited quantities of the book are also available on Amazon.

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To Order The Baking Bites Cookbook (1st Ed., paperback), Use PayPal to Order :

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