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Trader Joe’s Corn Cookie Baking Mix, reviewed

Trader Joe's Corn Cookie Baking Mix, reviewed
Fresh corn is one of my favorite summer foods, but frozen or canned corn can be a great option for some dishes – or when fresh corn isn’t in season. One of Trader Joe’s signature products is their canned sweet corn. It has been on shelves for decades and the corn is both fresh and incredibly sweet. Trader Joe’s Corn Cookie Baking Mix is a new product that is inspired by their signature canned corn. It is a dry mix packaged in a cylendrical container that looks like a large can of corn, and you simply combine it with 1 cup of softened butter and one large egg to make the dough.

Trader Joe's Corn Cookie Baking Mix, reviewed

The cookies dough is easy to mix up. It is relatively dry in texture when compared to a classic chocolate chip cookie dough, but it is very easy to handle and shape. The dough is made with flour, but it also includes cornmeal, corn flour and corn. The corn – presumably ground or dehydrated, though the packaging does not get specific – packs a wonderfully sweet flavor into the cookies, so you really taste that fresh, sweet corn flavor in every bite!

The cookies are buttery, with a crisp outer edge and a tender center after baking. They keep well for a couple of days if stored in an airtight container. The packaging suggested that it makes 24 cookies, but I got 32 out of my batch and I made very generously sized cookies. Next time, I would shape them into smaller rounds (about 1-inch instead of 1 1/2 inches) and reduce the baking time by a few minutes for a larger batch. But there will be a next time because these cookies are delicious! Consider making them into summery ice cream sandwiches by stuffing them with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries, or your favorite homemade sorbet.

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