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Non-Dairy Coconut Reddi Whip, reviewed

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Non-Dairy Coconut Reddi Whip, reviewed
Homemade whipped cream is easy to make and it is always a nice way to finish off a dessert. Canned whipped creams tend to not have the pillowy volume of freshly whipped cream, but can work when you need something that is quick and easy! In the refrigerated section of my local grocery store, I noticed a new dairy-free whipped topping option, Non-Dairy Coconut Reddi Whip. This whipping topping is made entirely with coconut milk and contains no heavy cream at all. In fact, coconut milk is the first ingredient on the product’s label. As a coconut-lover who has made coconut milk whipped cream from scratch, I couldn’t resist picking up a can and giving it a taste test.

I took the product home and gave it a good shake, then piped some right onto a spoon. I have to admit that I was immediately impressed by the whipped cream. It was velvety and rich, with a great coconut flavor – a lot more coconut flavor than I expected it to have, in fact. It was delicious and, after licking my spoon clean, I used it top top off coffee, pound cake, ice cream and more over the next few days. This was a winner from the start if you love coconut – or if you are simply looking for a dairy-free option.

The only drawback to this product is that I found it more difficult to get going than regular canned whipped cream. I found that the best way to get it going was to shake vigorously with the tip of the nozzle pointing directly down, then keep it directed down to pipe.

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