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Marshmallow Peeps Oreos, reviewed

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Peeps Oreos, reviewed
Colorful, sugar-coated marshmallow Peeps have been one of my favorite Easter candies since I was a kid – and I know that I’m not the only one out there who enjoys the bright bunnies and chicks this time of year. Last year, Oreo released a limited edition version of their cookies that were inspired by Peeps and they rolled out a similar version of Peeps Oreos this spring, to the delight of fans of both the marshmallows and the sandwich cookies.

The Peeps-inspired cookies that Oreo rolled out previously featured a pink marshmallow-flavored filling sandwiched between two vanilla wafer cookies. This was a good combination, as the mild vanilla flavor let the marshmallow come through clearly. That being said, they could get a bit sweet if you ate more than one or two at a time (and this can be the case with original Peeps, too), so this year Oreo rolled out cookies with a purple marshmallow creme filling between two classic chocolate wafer cookies.

Peeps Oreos, reviewed

When you eat the creme alone – especially if you taste test it next to a real Peep – you can really pick up on the marshmallow flavor in it. The creme seemed to be a bit softer than the filling in some other Oreos that I’ve had recently, but it’s possible that this package was especially fresh due to it being a seasonal product, which resulted in a slightly softer filling. Oreo’s chocolate wafer cookies have a very intense cocoa flavor and are not particularly sweet on their own. They contrast extremely well with the sweet filling, leaving you with a great chocolate taste in your mouth as you finish the cookie. That said, they are so chocolaty that they almost overpower the marshmallow flavor of the filling. I don’t mind getting a little less marshmallow flavor for a more balanced cookie, but it is a bit of a change from last year’s version of this treat.

I’m a fan of these and have been munching my way through the whole pack, slowly but surely. Pair them with milk or coffee for best results.

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