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Trader Joe’s Old Fashion Eggnog Liqueur, reviewed

Trader Joe's Eggnog Liqueur, reviewed

Eggnog is an indulgent holiday tradition that I am always happy to take part in. There are lots of eggnog options out there, from homemade recipes that can take a little bit of time to put together to store-bought cartons that offer an eggnog fix in a pinch. There are also eggnog liqueurs that you can buy, which come pre-spiked with some holiday cheer. Pennsylvania Dutch and Evan Williams both put out eggnog liqueurs that you may have seen on store shelves, and this year Trader Joe’s rolled out an Old Fashion Eggnog Liqueur to compete with them. The very reasonably priced (in my area, it was $7.99) liqueur is made with fresh cream and it has a blend of spiced rum and brandy in it. The liqueur can be served chilled or simply poured over ice. I don’t like ice in my eggnog as a general rule, since I find that it waters it down, so I stuck the bottle in my fridge overnight before giving it a try.

The liqueur is a bit boozy at first sip – a slight surprise if you’ve been drinking non-alcoholic nog so far this season – but it is smooth and creamy, with a nice blend of sweetness and peppery nutmeg that lingers on your palate. It tastes very fresh and more like cream than eggs, which makes for a refreshing contrast to some of the eggnogs that border on pudding with their thickness. It is 29/5 proof/14.75% ABV, which is on the higher end of the spectrum for some liqueurs, but much less than a bottle of straight spirits (which tend to be 80 proof/40% ABV or higher) would be. I would recommend serving it in small 4-oz servings if you’re planning to enjoy it straight out of the bottle, as it is rich enough that a larger serving might be too filling. If you are looking for an option that is a little less boozy, simply combine equal parts liqueur and non-alcoholic nog.

I really enjoyed it – and it was a hit with my eggnog-loving taste testers, too – so I will likely put up another bottle before the holiday season wraps up. If you’re looking for an easy host/hostess gift idea, pair a bottle of this with a couple of holiday-themed glasses and bring them to a party instead of a regular bottle of wine.

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