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Pink Peeps Oreos, reviewed

Peeps Oreos, reviewed
Marshmallow Peeps are one of the most popular Easter candies out there. The sugar-coated, chick-shaped marshmallows have been largely unchanged for more than half a century and are loved by both kids and adults seeking a seasonal sugar fix. Peeps fans will definitely want to keep an eye out for Peeps Oreos, a limited edition treat that combines these two favorites.

Limited Edition Peeps Oreos, reviewed

The sandwiches start with Oreos’ vanilla wafer cookies and are filled with a bright pink, marshmallow-flavored creme. The pink filling does actually taste similar to Peeps, which are much more sugary than other marshmallows, and it even has a subtle sugary grittiness that evokes the sugar coating from the Peeps. The filling is actually balanced out well by the sturdy vanilla wafer cookies, so while these are quite sweet, they’re not so sweet that you won’t be able to eat two or three at a time. As a Peeps fan, I like this combination and think it works well. I’m also glad they went with pink for the filling. Not only is pink one of the original Peeps colors (along with white and yellow), it simply looks fun for a filling. These cookies will likely be available through Easter, so you have a couple of weeks to keep an eye out for them if you want to give the cookies a try yourself.

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