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Cook’s Country Rates Dry Measuring Cups

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Cook's Country Rates Dry Measuring Cups
Measuring cups are an important kitchen tool that is often taken for granted. I say that because we all know that our measuring cups will be there when we need them, but it’s easy to forget that they play a huge role in the results that we get when baking. In a recent issue of Cooks Country (Aug/Sept 2016), the test kitchen set out to see which measuring cups you should be using in your kitchen.

The measuring cups were evaluated for accuracy, ease of use and durability, all things that are very important to bakers (like us!) who use these tools day in and day out. To test accuracy, the test kitchen weight cups of sugar and water on a lab-quality scale. The results were surprising, as several sets were off by as much as 6%, though most sets were quite accurate. For ease of use, the testers wanted to use the scoop-and-sweep flour measuring technique easily and to have cups with easy to read measurement markets. The durability test involved scooping heavy, wet sand to determine whether the handles would bend after years of hard use. Both plastic and metal sets were tested to see if they measured up.

At the end of the testing, two models received “Highly Recommended” ratings: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Norpro Grip-EZ Measuring Cup Set. The OXO set is metal and has a one-piece design, meaning the the handles are part of the cup and not separate pieces that are bolted on, giving the cups a lot of strength. They’re accurate and easy to use. The Norpro set is made of BPA-free plastic, with long handles that were comfortable to grip. Like the OXO, this model was also very accurate.

The “Recommended” rating was giving to OXO Good Grips 6- Piece Plastic Measuring Cups, Norpro Grip-EZ Stainless Steel Cups, Amxo Houseworks Pro Performance Measuring Cups and RSVP Endurance Measuring Cup Set. All of these sets were accurate (most more than the AMCO set, however), but lacked when it am to durability and weren’t as easy to use as the winning sets.

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