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The Southern Cookie Book

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The Southern Cookie BookCookies are probably the most commonly baked thing in my kitchen, and they probably are in yours, too. Cookies are relatively quick and easy to make – compared to breads with long prep times and cakes with long baking times – and they are perfect for serving either a small group or a crowd. Cookies are also extremely versatile and there are an almost unlimited number of great cookie recipes out there to choose from. This means that I have more cookie-centric cookbooks than any other kind and that I still have room for more on my shelf. The Southern Cookie Book is one more volume that cookie-lovers might want to add to their collection.

The book is packed with dozens of recipes, from drop cookies to bars and brownies, and there is something for everyone. Before jumping into the recipes, the book’s introduction covers basic equipment, ingredients and accessories (such as food coloring and sprinkles) that you will need to make your cookies. The book is also loaded with great tips and how-tos – some in the introduction, others elsewhere in the book – that will help to improve your cookie-making process, including photo tutorials that will walk you through various handy tricks. While there are some cookie recipes that are linked with Southern cooking and traditions in this book, the book is also published by the editors of Southern Living Magazine and includes plenty of cookies that are not regionally-specific. The regionally rooted recipes, such as the Hummingbird Oatmeal Cookies that were inspired by Hummingbird Cake (the most requested recipe in Southern Living’s publication history), are fun and help to set this book apart from other cookie books – even though you can’t go wrong with any of their recipes.

The cookie recipes are well written and easy to follow, suitable for both beginning and expert cookie bakers. In general, I’ve found Southern Living recipes to be quite reliable and these cookie recipes are no exception. You’ll find lots of full-color photos of the finished cookies throughout the book that will inspire you to preheat your oven and start baking. I can’t guarantee that you’ll find your next favorite cookie recipe in here, but the odds are good that you’ll find several recipes that you’ll like.

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