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Sweet Mornings

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Sweet MorningsThey say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is certainly one of my favorites. Breakfast is an incredibly versatile meal that can involve everything from sweet cakes to savory casseroles, so there really is something for everyone even if you’re not a “morning person” per say. The recipes in Sweet Mornings: 125 Sweet and Savory Breakfast and Brunch Recipes just might turn you into an early riser, however, because the book is packed with dozens of delicious dishes that will get your day started off right.

The book only offers a short introduction that gives a brief list of ingredients and tools that you’ll need while working on the recipes that follow. It also contains some great suggestions for hot and cold cereal toppers, things that you can add to liven up a “boring” breakfast on those days when you’re not making a more elaborate meal. The recipes are divided into sweet and savory options, with an emphasis on the sweeter side of breakfast. There are a wide variety of cake and muffin recipes to choose from, but the recipes range from simple Pan Fried Peaches to luscious Apple Cinnamon Bear Claws, so there is a lot to choose from depending not only on what you are in the mood for, but on how much time you have available to put that breakfast together! The savory recipes have a southern slant, with Fried Green Tomatoes, Biscuits and Chicken & Waffles among the options, but that chapter also offers some nice variety and contrasts well with the sweeter offerings.

The recipes are accompanied by stories of the dishes that inspired them, adding a personal touch to every selection. The recipes themselves are clearly written and easy to follow. Many, but not all, are illustrated with photos of the finished dishes, too. For me, the recipes lend themselves towards weekend brunches, where you can make several dishes to share with friends and family and spend hours nibbling on them while you enjoy coffee and conversation. If you’re a breakfast-lover, you’ll find lots of recipes to tempt you in here.

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