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Peeps-a-licious!Peeps are the best selling non-chocolate Easter candy out there by a wide stretch. The fluffy, colorful marshmallow chicks (and bunnies!) are loved by both kids and adults. They’re fun to eat right out of the package if you’re a marshmallow-lover like me, but that isn’t the only way to enjoy them. In Peeps-a-licious!: 50 Irresistibly Fun Marshmallow Creations – A Cookbook for Peeps Lovers, my fellow marshmallow-lovers will find dozens of recipes that will transform Peeps into a wide variety of treats that are almost too cute to eat.

The book features a wide variety of treats, from cakes and cookies to milkshakes. In some, Peeps are central to the recipe, while they simply serve as inspiration or garnish in others. The treats range from easy-to-make creations, such as Peeps Rainbow Sushi, which is a very kid-friendly recipe that doesn’t involve much cooking, to the more complex Peppermint Ricottat Cheesecake and Lavender Panna Cotta, both of which are found in the Gourmet chapter. There is something for everyone and marshmallows are involved!!

While Peeps are associated with Easter, Just Born puts out Peeps for almost every holiday. The last chapter in the book is devoted to seasonal recipes and showcases some of the seasonal Peep flavors – such as Gingerbread – that you can find throughout the year. That means that you’ll get more than just one season out of this book. All the recipes are well-explained and illustrated with beautiful pictures. You’re sure to be inspired just flipping through the pages. Don’t forget to stock up on Peeps first!

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