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Nordic Ware Gingerbread House Duet Pan

Nordic Ware Gingerbread House Duet Pan

Gingerbread houses are fantastic decorations to make during the holidays. Made with carefully shaped sheets of gingerbread, they’re usually assembled with the help of a lot of royal icing and plenty of gumdrops, sprinkles and peppermints. Gingerbread houses take a lot of effort to put together and they are used as centerpieces far more often than they are used as dessert. If you want a gingerbread house that you can actually eat, consider picking up Nordic Ware’s Gingerbread House Duet Pan. This cast-aluminum pan features two gingerbread house-shaped cakes that don’t require any assembly and are ready to be decorated as soon as they have baked and cooled.

The two small cakes have a lot of detail, from the shingles on their roofs to tiny window treatments, but the pans are nonstick and you should be able to slide a cake out without losing any detail, especially if you take the extra step of greasing and flouring the pan before you pour your batter in. Of course, I recommend using a gingerbread cake recipe. You can use royal icing if you want to give your houses a traditional look or simply finish them with a dusting of powdered sugar if you want to enjoy them in their natural state.

The cakes can act as centerpieces at a holiday party and double as dessert, unlike classic gingerbread houses. Baked and decorated cakes can also be fun hostess gifts to take to a holiday party, too!

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