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Brachs Mini Candy Corn, reviewed

Brachs Mini Candy Corn, reviewed

Candy corn has been associated with fall for decades, long before miniature, individually wrapped chocolate bars became commonplace, and billions are sold around Halloween each year. While new flavors are released from time to time, the original orange, yellow and white triangular candies haven’t changed much. This year, I noticed that Brachs introduced Mini Candy Corn, a version of their classic recipe that is about half the size of the original candies. The candy corn were well-shaped and looked just like their larger cousins. Like bigger candy corn, there was some variation in the color from piece-to-piece, where a few lacked the orange base or the white peak, but these pieces were outliers and the candy corn generally looked very good. They were delicious, with a nice honey flavor, and very easy to snack on.

The packaging also promised that the candy corn would be good for baking and decorating. I’ve used large candy corn as garnish before, but liked the idea of trying the minis in some cookies, as illustrated on the Brachs packaging. 

Brachs Mini Candy Corn Cookies, reviewed

Unfortunately, the fondant candies did not hold up very well in the oven. The candy corn melted down quickly in the heat of the oven and lost their signature shape. While they still tasted good, the look was a little bit more “trick” than “treat.” I experimented with the oven temperature with little improvement from batch to batch and my cookies looked nothing like the cookies on the packaging. If you do want to bake with these, try adding them to sugar cookies just before the end of the baking time, where they will have enough time to stick to the dough without melting, as they’re just not a great choice if you want to bake with candy. Still, they are a great size for snacking and decorating, making them a welcome addition to the candy corn family for all the candy corn fans out there!!

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