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Bake Happy

Bake Happy: 100 Playful Desserts with Rainbow Layers, Hidden Fillings, Billowy Frostings, and moreIf you need to put a smile on someone’s face, bringing them some homemade baked goods is one easy way to do it. This is especially true when the baked goods in question have an extra element of fun to them, such as rainbow-colored sprinkles or a surprise filling. In Bake Happy: 100 Playful Desserts with Rainbow Layers, Hidden Fillings, Billowy Frostings, and more, you’ll find plenty of recipes designed not only to taste good, but to lift your spirits. The inspiration behind this book is that the little things in life can have a big – and, in this case, a positive – impact on you and those around you. In this case, we’re talking about baked goods of all shapes, sizes and flavors.

The book begins with some basic make-ahead recipes that will help you streamline your baking, while adding lots of additinal flavor to your baked goods. While you can prepare these flavorful curds and syrups right before you need them, you can also prepare them well in advance, so you are not rushed when it comes time to finish your primary creation. The recipes are divided by type and the book includes everything from fruit desserts to flans. One thing that appeals to me about the book is that it uses a wide variety of flavor combinations the recipes, such as Blood Orange Curd Bread Pudding or Limoncello Souffles, and this adds an element of novelty to each recipe, as well as setting it apart from similar recipes in other books.

There are plenty of beautiful, color photos of the finished treats throughout the book. The bright colors will put a smile on your face, while the flavors of the dishes will keep it there. The recipes in this book are clearly written, with instructions that will guide you through every technique you need to know – even if you’ve never made or heard of a Citrus Cardamom Twinkie before. The writing style is friendly and approachable, so it will keep you baking happy, just as your baked goods will keep friends and family eating happy.

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