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Milk Bar Life

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Milk Bar LifePastry Chef Christina Tosi has been on something of a rise to prominence over the pasty couple of years. As the head of Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City, the chef has found lots of fans of her desserts and has received plenty of acclaim from the food media. She has also been popping up on food tv shows on a regular basis and is now one of the hosts of the popular series Master Chef. Milk Bar Life is Tosi’s most recent cookbook, a collection of both sweet and savory recipes that range from cherished family favorites to whimsical treats served at the bakery.

This book is a follow up to Tosi’s previous cookbook and this one includes a lot more stories and personal narrative to complement the included recipes. The easy, conversational style of the book makes you feel like you’re getting a sneak peek behind the scenes and allows you to connect a bit more with the people behind the recipes. That being said, this is still a cookbook and the recipes are still the focus. The book is geared towards the home chef, so all the dishes are made with familiar ingredients that you’ll be able to find at the grocery store. While the chapters are broken into loose categories, part of the fun of this book is the variety of foods found in it: everything from kimchi quesadillas to brisket stroganoff to cinnamon buns. It doesn’t get much more diverse than that.

The book is dotted with tips that will streamline your recipe preparation, as well as tricks that will ensure that your dishes turn out perfectly. The recipes are illustrated with lovely full-color photos that make the food jump off the page. It’s a fun book to add to your collection and you can find a little bit of everything inside.

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  • Karin allen
    September 1, 2015

    I really enjoyed your outlook on baking. Would love to get email updates on new posts.

    Kind. Regards

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