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Stack HappyPancakes are a wonderful way to start your day. It’s true that many of us save pancakes for weekend brunches, but there is no reason that you can’t slip an easy batch of pancakes in to a weekday morning or enjoy them for dinner any time. Stack Happy is all about pancakes, serving up 70 tempting recipes that will inspire you to enjoy pancakes a bit more often.

Pancakes don’t need a lot of introduction and the intro for this book keeps things brief, touching only on a few questions about ingredients – such as buttermilk and how to substitute for it – that come up again and again when you’re making pancakes. From there, it gets right into the recipes. The book is divided up into five chapters of pancake recipes and one chapter dedicated to sauces and syrups that you’ll want to use to top them off. The chapters are: Fruity Fun, Breakfast with a Twist, Healtier Pancakes, Savory Pancakes and Dessert Pancakes. There is something for everyone and every occasion – and if you haven’t thought about making dessert pancakes before, you’ve been missing out. The recipes are creative and easy to make, offering plays on familiar flavors and flavor combinations that you might not have seen in a pancake before, such as the peanut butter, bacon and banana Elvis Pancake.

The book is illustrated with beautiful color photos that will get your mouth watering. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, but I still have to say that the dessert pancakes look particularly delicious. The variety in the book ensures that there is something for everyone and the recipes are straightforward enough that you shouldn’t have to run to the store to buy ingredients before you make a batch.

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