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Cool Pool Toys for Foodies

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Inflatable Donut

When summer rolls around, we tend to spend more time outdoors. Some of that time is spent around a pool, where you can take a quick dip to cool off on even the hottest days. Every pool needs at least a couple inflatable floating devices for those who like being in the water without having to work too hard and these pool toys are sure to be a hit with the foodies in your life – and just seeing them is going to help work up an appetite for whatever you might be serving for dinner when the pool party is over.

Inflatable Donut – This colorful pink-frosted donut is the most traditional of the bunch, since its shape is similar to that of the pool floats you might remember from your childhood – though it has a much more fun look to it. The donut is missing a bite, but the four foot ring is still very buoyant when inflated.

Pizza and Burger Pool Floats

Inflatable Pizza Slice – This triangular float is a bit different from the usual rectangle of a pool raft, but at over 5 feet in length, this slice will still keep you afloat. It is -decorated to look like a slice of pepperoni – and the underside is even crust-colored!

Inflatable Burger – Unlike some of the other floaties here, you’ll have trouble sitting on top of this rounded burger look-a-like, however trying to pull yourself up on top will keep you busy and very cool on a hot day. If you’re brave, you could also try to use it as a (giant) beach ball, but you’ll need to have some serious muscle, since the burger is three and a half feet in diameter.

Ice Cream Sandwich and Pretzel Pool Float

Inflatable Ice Cream Sandwich – Ice cream sandwiches have been one of my favorite hot weather snacks since childhood and now you can relax on one while you eat another! This float is six feet long, which gives you plenty of room to stretch out.

Inflatable Pretzel – This twisty float looks as though it was speckled with salt and it is big enough for several people to share – meaning that two or three people can hang onto it at the same time, so no one will have to fight over who gets to use it! The pretzel is about five feet across.

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  • These are cool pool toys! A must-have for swimmers who are foodies to. I’m sure that this will be a hit especially among kids and teens. A colourful toy in the pool adds excitement and brings awesome photo opportunity. Thanks for sharing!

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