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Cake Boss Be The Boss Rainbow Sprinkles, reviewed

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Cake Boss Be The Boss Rainbow Sprinkles, reviewed
I have a rack full of different types of sprinkles in my pantry. I have sprinkles made from chocolate, edible glitter, chocolate jimmies and a wide variety of rainbow sprinkles. I never get tired of the rainbow sprinkles and have even been known to shake a few on top of a bowl of ice cream that I’m just eating myself. I also often use rainbow sprinkles to make funfetti baked goods, as it is a great way to give a cake or batch of cookies a confetti-flecked look. Most rainbow sprinkles are very similar and tend to contain the red, orange, yellow, blue and green that you’ll find in a basic box of crayons. I was in the market for a new container of rainbow sprinkles the other day when the Cake Boss Be The Boss Rainbow Sprinkles caught my eye. An ordinary package of sprinkles might not warrant a review, but I had to make an exception for these because they might just be my new favorite way to add some color to my baking.

The jimmie-style sprinkles come in a real rainbow of colors, with a wider and brighter range than many other packaged rainbow sprinkles. The blue, for instance, is a vivid sky blue, and the mixture also contains pink, purple and white. The colors are bold and really make a visual impact, whether you are using them to top off a cupcake or bake a batch of Funfetti Blondies. I picked these up in the cake decorating section of a local craft store and they also carry the line at stores like Target. So, if you find yourself running low on sprinkles and looking for something a bit bolder than your last container of them, these are well worth stocking up on.

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  • Melissa
    April 7, 2015

    “The jimmie-style sprinkles ”

    I was a little confused by this. Jimmies and sprinkles are the same thing, right?

  • Nicole
    April 8, 2015

    Melissa – All jimmies are sprinkles, but not all sprinkles are jimmies! There are sprinkles that are hard and round (tiny balls), for instance, that are not jimmies. The jimmies are only the oblong sprinkles (in multi-colors and chocolate) similar to what I have pictured here. I hope that helps!

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