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Girl Scout Troop Opens Drive-Thu Cookie Shop in New Hampshire

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Girl Scouts Drive Thru

Traditionally, Girl Scout cookies were sold door to door by Scouts that lived in the neighborhood each year during cookie season. Over the years, this tradition changed to include “boothing,” or setting up booths in high-traffic areas where troops could reach more customers more easily. Girl Scouts have always been enterprising in how they sell their cookies. Some send the entry forms to their parents’ offices, while others moved their boothing operations from grocery stores (a classic cookie location) to much busier shopping malls. One creative troop in New Hampshire decided to think about their customers’ convenience when they planned their sales strategy, so they opened a drive through cookie shop in their town of Salem.

Troop 12115 is taking over an unused warehouse and turning it into a cookie drive thru. The warehouse will provide easy access to drivers heading through the town’s main street, making it quick and easy for cookie-lovers to satisfy their cookie cravings. If it catches on, we might start to see more drive-up options in other towns during next year’s cookie season!

If cookies sales are over in your area, don’t forget that you can make your own Girl Scout cookies at home using some of my delicious recipes. But if sales are still on, keep an eye out for drive-thrus that might be popping up nearby!

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