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Bites from other Blogs

  • Easter is a great holiday decorating baked goods because it is so colorful. Frosting and a Smile baked up some Easter Egg Éclairs that will dress up any Easter basket this holiday. The eclaires are made with a traditional choux paste that is piped into oblong egg shapes. The puffs are baked and filled with a rich vanilla pastry cream and dipped in a coating of chocolate ganache, which is then decorated with a bit of buttercream to complete the Easter egg look.
  • An Italian in My Kitchen whipped up a batch of Carrot Shortbread Cookies that is also an excellent Easter treat. These tender. buttery shortbread cookies are made with shredded carrots, which give them a hint of sweetness and a little pop of color. To make them look even more Easter-friendly, they’re cut into bunny shapes using a holiday cutter, then decorated with little creamy cheese bunny tails. They’re almost too cute to eat – and they’re much easier to make than some more elaborately decorated holiday goodies.
  • Many carrot cakes are baked as layer cakes, but A Kitchen Addiction‘s Carrot Cake Quick Bread uses a loaf pan to streamline the recipe and turn what might ordinarily be a special occasion cake into an everyday cake! The moist quick bread is loaded with shredded carrots, applesauce and a variety of baking spices, including cinnamon,nutmeg and allspice. This tender cake is topped with a thin layer of cream cheese as a nod to those layer cakes, but it is good enough to eat on its own, too.
  • You can sneak in carrot cake for breakfast with these Carrot Cake Waffles from 24 Carrot Life. These fluffy, light waffles get their super-light texture from the unusual batter, which actually contains no flour of any kind. The batter is made with rolled oats, which give the waffles a nutty flavor that goes well with the sweet carrots and spices also in the batter. These waffles have a great natural sweetness that doesn’t need syrup, but feel free to drizzle some on before serving, or -if you are feeling decadent – put a little drizzle of cream cheese frosting on top.
  • These Poppyseed Cupcakes with Poached Apple Roses from Ashley Thompson give a nod to spring because they are topped with a floral design. Unlike most cupcakes, these cupcakes use slices of pink poached apples to form perfect roses on top of the cakes, rather than using frosting and a pastry bag. The apples are poached with a bit of food coloring (or a slice of beet, to keep things more natural, if you prefer) to give them their seasonal color. The cupcakes are loaded with crunchy poppyseeds and really set off the apples

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