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Bites from other Blogs

  • Thin Mints are the best selling Girl Scout cookies and it’s not hard to see why: the combination of bittersweet cocoa and fresh mint is a winner in any form. You can get another chocolate-mint fix with a batch of Thin Mints Pancakes from French Press. The pancakes are made with cocoa powder and have a Thin Mint-flavored coffee creamer mixed in to add both more chocolate and a nice mintiness. You could get a similar effect by adding chocolate extract and peppermint extract to regular milk. The pancakes are served with a decadent chocolate sauce.
  • Lemon and blueberries are a great springtime combination, when blueberries first start to show up at markets. Thanks to a mild winter, I’ve been seeing them earlier than usual. Sasi’s Kitchen is featuring some Lemon and Blueberry Mini Loaves that are a good alternative to muffins for a springtime brunch. The little loaves are bursting with blueberries, which are suspended in a batter made with buttermilk and yogurt that has a moist and tender crumb. These don’t need any frosting, but a touch of sugar before baking gives them a nice texture on top!
  • Design, Eat, Repeat‘s colorful Chocolate Chip M&M Easter Egg Cookies will get you into the mood to start your Easter baking. These egg-shaped chocolate chip cookies are studded with large, egg-shaped seasonal M&M candies to give them a bright, cheery look. As if that were’t enough, they are also packed with regular chocolate chips and more M&Ms, though the candies used inside the cookie dough are crushed, so the cookies have a confetti-like sprinkling of color. They’re sure to be a hit at any springtime event.
  • St Patrick’s Day may be over, but Irish Coffee is delicious all year round. I like to enjoy my Irish Coffee Ice Cream in the summer, as well as in March! Another Irish-inspired recipe comes in the form of Irish Whoopie Pies from Baking the Goods. The whoopie pies are made with soft chocolate and coffee cookies, sandwiching an Irish whiskey-spiked buttercream frosting. There is just enough whiskey to infuse the cookies with flavor, but not so much that you’ll have to wait for happy hour to indulge.

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  • Sasi
    March 21, 2015

    Thank you for featuring my “Lemon and Blueberry Mini Loaves”. You don’t have any idea how much traffic your article brought my site. Thanks again!

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