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Dessert Salts for Finishing Your Baked Goods

Dessert Salts for Finishing Your Baked Goods
Salt is an important ingredient in cooking and baking. It sets off other flavors and makes both savory and sweet foods seem more delicious. In cooking, salt is often used to finish a dish just before serving. In baking, salt is typically incorporated into a recipe before it goes into the oven and adds flavor, in addition to helping the ingredients to function properly (taming yeast, for instance, in bread recipes). Salt can also be used to finish baked goods, just as it is used in savory cooking, and this Dessert and Baking Salt Set is a fun way to get the most out of your salt.

The set includes six different salt blends that will add multiple layers of flavor to your baked goods: Vanilla Cardamom, Espresso, Rose Peppercorn, Blueberry, Lemon Ginger and Vanilla Lavender. Each salt is actually a blend of the salt and spices that flavor it, not just the salts alone. This means that the lavender salt has real dried lavender in it, giving it a beautiful purple hue and adding a touch of color to baked goods that you use it on. The salt should be sprinkled on either just before or just after baking, creating a mouthwatering sweet-savory contrast in each bite. These salts are quite unique and make a great gift because they are so unexpected. Once you use them up, you can refill the kit’s containers with homemade salt blends and continue using them in your kitchen.

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