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Girl Scout Cookie Sales Go Online with Digital Cookie App

Girl Scouts Digital Cookie Sales

Girl Scout Cookies have always had to be purchased directly from a Girl Scout, whether those girls were going door-to-door (something almost unheard of, these days) or whether you tracked them down at a local grocery store or mall. The cookies were paid for primarily by cash or check. Girls who tried to sell their cookies online were This year, Girl Scout Cookie sales are finally coming into the digital age and fans will be able to purchase the cookies online and pay with a credit card. The Girl Scout’s Digital Cookie App, which can only be accessed by actual Girl Scouts, gives the cookie sellers an easy way to process your order at the touch of a few buttons.

The Digital Cookie initiative works in two ways. Girls can take in-person orders using the mobile app or they can direct their cookie-loving customers to a personal cookie website where they can buy direct. The new program will allow people wo pay with a credit card and either have the cookies shipped directly to you or, if you prefer to stick with a bit of tradition, have them delivered by a scout.

The catch with this app, as a cookie shopper, is that you still need to know a Girl Scout in order to use it or order cookies. You won’t be able to access the app through the main Girl Scouts website or other online sources. Fortunately, it usually only takes a few minutes of asking friends and coworkers to track down a girl scout, and you can always stick to the traditional cookie booths for a cookie fix while you’re out and about.

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