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Bites from other Blogs

Bites from other Blogs

  • There are lots of scary desserts that you can serve up on Halloween, but none are scarier than the Jello Teeth that The Jello Mold Mistress recently made, since the look exactly like your grandmother’s dentures – only jiggly! The teeth are molded in a silicone ice cube tray that is designed to give you a “smile”, but turns very creepy once coloring is added. The teeth themselves are made with strawberry jello and sweetened condensed milk.
  • Part of the fun of Halloween desserts is in the presentation and Hungry Happenings crafted an Edible Popcorn Bowl Jack o’ Lantern that is a fantastic party centerpiece. The bowl is made from a mixture of freshly popped popcorn and tempered white chocolate with orange coloring added (or orange candy melts) that is pressed up the sides of a large mixing bowl to give it shape. When the mixture sets up, it is bowl-shaped and can stand on its own, ready to be decorated in any way you like. This bowl is filled with a Halloween popcorn mix!
  • Tasteseekers Kitchen crafted some Halloween cookies that deliver a trick and a treat. Their Surprise Inside Monster Cookies open up to reveal a burst of colorful sprinkles and monster eyes when you take a bite! The cookies start with two sugar cookie rounds that are sandwiched together with vanilla frosting. You need to leave an un-filled pocket in between the sandwich cookies to place your filling, but the process is actually quite easy. Decorate the tops of your cookies in any way you like – plain, to really mask the surprise inside, or spooky, to add another layer of fun – and serve them at your next Halloween party.
  • Another not-too-sweet Halloween idea comes from Dessert Now Dinner Later‘s Witches’ Broomstick Breadsticks. These edible broomsticks are made with carefully shaped dinner roll dough, and the results look like they’re ready to fly off at a moment’s notice! They’re great for dipping in fall soups and stews, or simply topped with butter. This is a great family project where everyone can get their hands into the dough.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail from Modern Tiki is a fantastic cocktail to serve up this Halloween. The drink is made with a blend of coconut, lime juice and rum that is sweet, tart and creamy all at once. This drink is poured over a raspberry puree that gives the drink a very spooky red and white color scheme that will really remind you of vampires. The finishing touch is to drizzle a little bit of raspberry puree around the edge of the glass to make it look like it has already been “kissed” by a vampire!

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