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Round Sandwich Cookie Pan

Wilton Sandwich Cookie Pan
Homemade sandwich cookies are a real treat, but they’re not the easiest type of cookie to make. Not only to they require both a cookie dough and a filling of some kind, but those cookie rounds need to match up perfectly to make your cookies look as good as they taste. There are a couple of ways of getting those cookie rounds to be the same. For instance, you can start with a log of dough and try to slice off even rounds, or use a cookie cutter on rolled dough. Both of these options work, but have some downsides. With the log of dough, you need to cut carefully to ensure that the cookies are an even thickness and that their shapes don’t get distorted by the knife. With the cutout method, you might also end up with uneven rounds if you don’t roll the dough carefully, but you might toughen your dough as you roll and re-roll it to get as many cookies as you need. Of course, you can still get great sandwich cookies with these methods, but the drawbacks are reasons why it is nice to have a Sandwich Cookie Pan on hand if you have ever had difficulty getting those cookies to turn out.

This cookie pan bakes little rounds with a pretty imprint stamped on them that will make your cookies look even more perfect than storebought. To use the pan, simply press your dough into the cavities and bake . The dough will spread out in the oven to fill the shapes out completely, leaving you with even cookies every time and no waste. The pan is nonstick, so the baked cookies will pop out easily and will be ready to fill or decorate. Some bakers might not have any trouble replicating my Homemade Samoas or Homemade Oreos without the help of a cookie pan, but a pan like this really streamlines the process of shaping all those cookies and can save you a lot of time and energy in the end.

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