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Nordic Ware Apple Cake Pan

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Nordic Ware Apple Cake Pan

I do a lot of baking with apples all year long, but the fall is when apple season kicks into high gear. I bake all kinds of apple pies, muffins and cakes. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that there are many pumpkin shaped pans that come out during the fall baking season, but few that are apple themed. Nordic Ware’s Apple Cake Pan is a perfect pan for apple lovers who really want to showcase the fruit in their dessert. The pan bakes two halves of a giant apple, complete with a leafy stem. The finished cake is about 6-inches high when the halves are stacked up, creating a nice centerpiece for a dessert table. The pan is made of heavy duty cast aluminum and has a nonstick finish that should help your cake release cleanly, though lightly greasing and flouring the pan is always a good idea to ensure that the corners of the leaf come out looking sharp. The pan has a capacity of about 5-cups, which is roughly the size of a standard loaf pan or muffin recipe, so you will easily be able to adapt your favorite apple baked goods for this pan by adjusting the baking time a bit. A loaf recipe will need the baking time to be decreased slightly, while a muffin recipe will need the baking time to be extended.

The finished cake halves can be glued together with a little bit of frosting or caramel sauce. Depending on the type of apple cake you make, you may want to simply dust the cake with confectioners’ sugar before serving to finish it off, or you might want to drizzle it with a thick caramel frosting and sprinkle it with chopped nuts to replicate the look of a caramel apple.

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