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Jif Whips S’mores, reviewed

Jif Whips S'mores, reviewed

I am a huge s’mores fan. Not only do I enjoy classic campfire s’mores, but I enjoy s’mores themed treats – from pancakes to bread pudding and can’t resist tasting s’mores themed goodies. Jif Whips S’mores caught my eye a couple of weeks ago when I was shopping. It’s a limited edition s’mores flavored whipped peanut butter, which means that it has the flavor of both s’mores and peanuts in a light, mousse-like peanut butter. A s’mores flavored spread might not be what you want to pair with grape jelly on your next PB&J sandwich, but it has a lot of potential to bring s’mores to all kinds of other goodies with ease.

The spread has a strong cocoa flavor at first, followed by a note of toasted marshmallow and the lingering flavor of toasted peanuts. S’mores flavored peanut butter might sound strange at first, however these elements really do seem to work together nicely – much as the chocolate sauce and chopped peanuts work on top of an ice cream sundae! It doesn’t deliver that gooey marshmallow texture that I love in homemade s’mores, but I definitely get the flavor and the spread is a little bit easier to keep on hand. There are some serving suggestions on the packaging, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is simply by dipping graham crackers into the tub and scooping some out. I turned mine into an ice cream sandwich using vanilla ice cream, a very generous smear of the spread and a couple of cinnamon-sugar graham crackers.

Peanut Butter & S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

Overall, the spread is surprisingly tasty and kept me coming back for one taste after another. I really enjoyed the fact that the chocolate flavor came from cocoa powder, which meant that there was no artificial chocolate aftertaste to detract from other other elements of the spread. After each bite, I simply had a strong flavor of peanut butter laced with a hint of cocoa in my mouth – and the desire to dip a toasted marshmallow in for my next bite.

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