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Coolhaus Ice Cream Book

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Coolhaus Ice Cream BookAn ice cream sandwich is a special kind of frozen treat. Like a popsicle, you can pick it up and eat it easily with your hands, what makes it special is that it really delivers two different desserts in one irresistible package: cookies and ice cream. Making an ice cream sandwich is as easy as putting a scoop of ice cream between whatever cookies you have in your pantry, but making a great ice cream sandwich usually takes a little more planning – though the work is always worth it when you take that first bite. In Coolhaus Ice Cream Book: Custom-Built Sandwiches with Crazy-Good Combos of Cookies, Ice Creams, Gelatos, and Sorbets is packed with almost all the ice cream sandwich combinations that you’ll ever need.

Coolhaus is an LA-based ice cream shop that started out in a beat up food truck, bringing their innovative ice cream flavors to ice cream fans all over SoCal. They now operate two LA-area stores and trucks in LA, NY, Austin and Dallas, where you can easily pick up your favorite ice cream sandwich. This book will allow you to do it yourself without tracking down that truck. The book starts out with everything you need to know to make great ice cream, from the tools you should have in your kitchen to troubleshooting tips for those times your ice cream isn’t turning out as perfectly as you had hoped. From there, the book jumps into some basic recipes that are the foundations for most of the other ice cream recipes. The recipes are built by adding other elements to the bases, and each ice cream flavor is paired with several suggestions for great cookie combinations.

Most of the recipes are for ice cream, but the book also offers some gelato recipes and non-dairy (vegan) sorbet recipes that can also be made into sandwiches. All of the cookie recipes are included, of course, so you will be able to recreate the same recipes they use in the shop. The recipes are all straightforward and easy to follow, and their setup of base+flavorings allows you to easily see how you can build your own ice cream flavors with their recipes. There are plenty of gorgeous photos that will get your mouth watering and inspire you to pull that ice cream maker out and start churning so that you can soon be enjoying your own ice cream sandwich creations.

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