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Nordic Ware Ruffled Medallion Cakelet Pan

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Ruffled Pan
Miniature or single serving cakes can be baked in a few different types of pans, and the two most common are mini bundt pans and muffin pans. These two types of pans both have their advantages – muffins are small and it is easy to find a wrapper to use to line the pan, while mini bundts have a much more fun shape – and their disadvantages. There actually aren’t a tremendous number of pans out there that offer a good, all-purpose alternative to these two pans when it comes to mini cakes, but one contender is Nordic Ware’s Ruffled Medallion Cakelet Pan. This pan bakes up a half dozen perfectly sized cakes that have just the right touch of decoration to them and are a very versatile shape. The cakes each measure three inches across and one inch deep, which makes them larger and flatter than muffin cups. The mini cakes can be served as-is or split in half to build single-serving layer cakes or strawberry shortcakes. The ridges on the heavy duty, cast aluminum pan are simple, but add just the right touch of interest to the cake, though the pan will need to be well-greased to ensure that your cake design comes out cleanly.

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