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How to Make Frozen Yogurt

How to Make Frozen YogurtFrozen yogurt is a cool dessert that is more popular than ever and there are frozen yogurt shops in most neighborhoods where you can easily pick up a cup of your favorite flavor. Yogurt shops aren’t the only place to get your fro-yo fix, however, because you can easily make it at home. How to Make Frozen Yogurt: 56 Delicious Flavors You Can Make at Home is my newest cookbook and it is all about making your own frozen yogurt.

The book is part of Storey’s Basics series and it is designed to give you a solid grounding in homemade frozen yogurt technique because there is more to making frozen yogurt than just putting yogurt into the freezer. You’ll notice that I use the same basic technique for all the recipes because it is a reliable way to produce very light, very creamy frozen yogurt that doesn’t become icy in the freezer. Once you make frozen yogurt my way, you’ll be hooked – and you’ll start filling up your freezer with all your favorite flavors. From tart and tangy Greek-Style Frozen Yogurt to decadent chocolate, the flavors in this book offer a lot of variety and they’re not all just healthy alternatives to ice cream – many of the flavors are pretty indulgent, though you do get a nice nutritional boost from the greek-style yogurt used as the base of all the recipes that will justify going back for seconds.

You’ll get the best results with an ice cream maker, so I really recommend getting one if you’re planning to make frozen yogurt on any kind of regular basis. It makes the process easy and an ice cream maker will have a huge impact on the quality of your finished product. The small book is the kind of reference that you can tuck into the box with your ice cream maker so that it is always handy when you get a craving for something cold, or you can simply tuck it in with the other cookbooks in your kitchen so that it is within easy reach. It’s filled with simple illustrations rather than full color photos of the recipes, but not to worry because I’ll be sharing plenty of photos of the recipes in the book here and on the Baking Bites Facebook page in the weeks to come. And later this summer, this book will be joined by companion volumes on ice cream and non-dairy frozen desserts that, together with this book, will help you learn to make almost any frozen dessert that might come to mind.

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  • Cate @ Mangoes Margarita
    March 17, 2014

    Yum! I have an ice cream maker so I’m excited to try these recipes! Are there any dairy-free recipes (using almond milk/yogurt or another substitute?)

  • Nicole
    March 17, 2014

    Cate – You will definitely be able to adapt the recipes to using nondairy yogurts, even homemade dairy and dairy-free yogurts (there is a recipe for classic homemade yogurt in the book), but the recipes aren’t specifically designed for that. I recommend using a thicker nondairy yogurt for these recipes. For instance, I’ve seen some greek-style nondairy yogurts that would work, or you could strain them as you might strain plain yogurt to thicken it up. The finished froyo made with nondairy yogurts might be a bit firmer than those made with full fat dairy products, but letting it soften for a couple of minutes before you scoop it should bring it to a great consistency.

    Also, later this summer I have a whole book of nondairy recipes, using soy, almond and other milks as the base for ice creams. That book also has many fruit-based recipes. I’ll post about it around its release date (which I don’t know quite yet).

  • Jeff @ Cheese-burger.net
    March 17, 2014

    Hi Nicole! Congratulations on your new book. Looking forward to your ice cream and non-dairy frozen desserts books.

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