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Absolutely Avocados

Absolutely Avocados Creamy avocados are one of my favorite fruits and I eat them just about every day. The funny thing about avocados is that many people only enjoy them in one or two ways, even though they are an incredibly versatile fruit that is good for more than just guacamole. Absolutely Avocados is a cookbook dedicate to the avocado and everything that you can make with it, from breakfast to dessert, from salsas to salad dressings. For an avocado fan, it will open your eyes to some new ways to use avocados and give you a lot of recipes for your arsenal.

In the introduction of the book, you’ll get a crash course in everything avocado, starting with the different varieties of avocado that are on the market. Once you know the type of avocado you’re looking at, you’ll want to know how to choose good ones and how to ripen them, since these are fruits that will continue to ripen long after they’ve been picked from the tree. Once introductions have been made, you get straight into the recipes. The most unfamiliar recipes will probably be found in the dessert section, since avocado is usually thought of as a savory food, where avocado finds its way into dishes like a moist banana bread and an avocado coconut ice cream.

The photography in the book is beautiful, and it will definitely inspire you to stock your kitchen with fresh avocados if you don’t already have some on hand. You might want to pick some up before you start reading, so they will have a chance to ripen and will be ready to use when you are to cook! The dishes all look bold and fresh – thanks, in part, to the beautiful color of the star fruit – and you can tell just flipping through the pages that there are some great flavors at work. Fortunately, the recipes are clearly written and very easy to follow, so you will have no problems jumping right in when something catches your eye.

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  • barb
    September 9, 2013

    I love to spread a creamy avocado on a sourdough piece of toast and drizzle a bit of olive oil and a tiny squeeze of lime juice, salt & pepper. We eat an avocado everyday also. A western avocado not the Florida one.

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